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Contains all the information for a particular operation in the routing.


The following data in the detail screen for the operation is relevant for costing:

Standard values

The system uses standard values and the formula in the work center to calculate the planned costs for the operation.

The standard value key in the work center specifies

You can enter the required activities in accordance with either the activity types defined in the work center or the business process entered therein. The time unit you enter does not have to match the time unit that was entered when the activity type was specified.

The key for the performance efficiency rate specifies the relationship between the predefined target time and the actual time. In costing, the standard values can be corrected through the key for performance efficiency rate.


The scrap created in the operation results in a scrap-adjusted quantity in the next operation, because the quantity to be processed is reduced by the scrap quantity. This scrap is included in the cost estimate when the quantity structure is created.

See also:

Costing Scrap, Operation Scrap

Relevancy to costing indicator

If the relevancy to costing indicator is not set, the operation is ignored for costing.

For inventory costing, you can enter a relevancy to costing indicator that is linked to a factor in Customizing for Product Cost Planning. The values of the operations that contain, for example, packaging costs can be adjusted according to this factor for stock valuation.

External processing

The control key indicates whether an operation can be processed externally. The costs of the externally processed operation can be entered either in the operation itself or in a purchasing info record. The valuation variant contains a strategy sequence for the valuation of external processing. You enter the cost element under which the costs of the operation are to be updated in the operation.

You can enter a purchasing info record in the operation details screen. Externally-processed operations use purchasing info records without a material reference (info record for non-stock material). The purchasing info record contains the following information:


Remember that purchasing info records have a validity period. The data in the purchasing info record will only be included in costing if the purchasing info record is valid on the quantity structure date of the cost estimate.

If no purchasing info record exists, you enter the following data in the operation:



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