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It is possible to make use of customer-specific enhancements in the KANBAN module. Both BAPIs and user-exits are available for this purpose. In the following, the individual enhancements are listed and the various functions are described. For detailed information please read the documentation for each enhancement in the SAP system.



With BAPIs you can implement your own KANBAN functions. These can be used for the conversion of a PDC-interface or of internet KANBAN.

For business object KANBAN Control Cycle, there are the following BAPIs/methods.

Triggers a quantity signal in the KANBAN control cycle.

Creates an event-driven kanban in the control cycle.

Defines one or more KANBAN control cycles for the selection criteria.

Business-Object KANBAN:

Provides KANBAN data for a vendor.

Sets the status of one or more kanbans to IN PROCESS.

Provides KANBAN data for a vendor, 2nd version (new address fields).

Defines one or more kanbans for the selection criteria.

Changes the status of a kanban.

You can find BAPIs as function modules in the function groups MPKW (KANBAN) and MPKV (control cycle).


A User-Exit calls a customer-specific program:

When the status of a kanban is changed, it is checked to see if there are any user-specific functions in the KANBAN process.

A user-defined display in the kanban board can be pre-set.

The user can use his/her own formula for the KANBAN calculation.

Kanban as EDI (should no longer be used).

The user can define user-specific fields in the KANBAN control cycle.



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