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This procedure allows you to apportion the costs associated with a PO item (among several cost centers, for example).

With multiple account assignment, the account assignment data entered takes the form of individual account assignment items.


When specifying multiple account assignment for an item, you must consider the following points:

The costs can be allocated on a quantity or percentage basis (for example, 10 pieces or 10% of the order value to cost center 100).


  1. When entering an item, specify the account assignment category for the desired item on the item overview screen.
  2. Choose Item ® Account assignments.

The account assignment window appears.

  1. Enter the account assignment data for the first account assignment item.
  2. Choose Change display to call up the multiple account assignment screen.

  3. In the item fields (upper part of this screen) enter the relevant data:
  4. Select the GR non-val. field to designate the GR for this item as non-valuated (as the item has been ordered for direct consumption).

    In the Distribution field, specify whether the costs are to be apportioned on a quantity basis or by percentage.

    In the Partial invoice field, specify whether the value of a partial invoice is to be allocated to individual account assignment items successively, whereby one is debited in full before a posting is made to another one (in which case, some account assignment items may not be debited at all as a result of a particular invoice), or whether the value of such a partial invoice is to be distributed among all account assignment items in equal portions.

  5. For each account assignment item, enter either the quantity or the percentage of the total value to be charged to the relevant account assignment item.
  6. Note

    To enter further items with the same account assignment data, choose Edit ® Repeat account assignment ® Switch on. The account assignment data will then be automatically adopted in the next item.

  7. Repeat as necessary for other items.
  8. Save the purchase order.


A vendor submits an invoice for 60% of the total order value. The cost of the ordered goods is to be divided equally among cost centers 1 - 5 (that is, 20% of the total cost is to be borne by each).

If you specified for the PO item that the value of a partial invoice is to be debited to the individual account assignment items on a "progressive fill-up" basis, cost centers 1 to 3 will each be debited with their full 20% share of the total cost on the basis of this partial invoice, whereas cost centers 4 and 5 will not be charged at all. (The latter two cost centers will not be debited until the remaining amount is invoiced.)


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