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For the most part, the general packing dialog is used by packing specialists that are not involved in the physical packing process. The packing station dialog is another way of creating and processing both handling units linked to deliveries and handling units without document reference.

This dialog was created mainly for the user that physically packs materials at a packing station in the warehouse. It supports both keyboard entries and scanned entries (assuming the necessary information is available in barcode format). You can also use a scale that is connected to the system to transmit the exact weight to the SAP System.


If you want to implement packing at the packing station, you must make the following settings in the Implementation Guide (IMG) in the appropriate section (either Logistics Execution or Handling Unit Management).

Use the Set Profile for Packing Station IMG activity to set a packing station profile for each computer so that you can configure the packing process differently for individual packing stations..


The packing station allows you to reflect material packing in the system. This function offers you the following options:

You can record in the system what quantities of which delivery items are packed in a handling unit.

This options lets you pack materials (in handling units) that you want to return to the warehouse (put away), for example.

When a handling unit is completely packed, you can immediately print a label that includes its handling unit number, for example.

If existing handling units are weighed, the packing station uses a connection to an external scale to offer you an easy way of updating a handling unit’s total weight.



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