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The SAP System provides information about:

You can display this information at any time.


If you encounter any problems while working with the SAP System, it may be useful to display status information. Also, if you need to contact technical support, you may be asked to provide some of this information.


Status Information About the SAP System

From the main menu, choose System ® Status.

A dialog box appears, containing various kinds of information about the system you are working on, such as the name of the program currently running, the transaction code of the current task, the SAP release number, and so on. A sample status dialog box is shown here.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Status Information About the Frontend Server

From the layout menu, choose About. (see Setting Display Options)

A dialog box appears, containing the version information for the frontend server running on your workstation, as well as the storage and memory currently available on your server.

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