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  1. On the first screen, identify your job.
  2. Optionally, specify a recipient for spool requests generated by your job.
  3. The spool output is automatically mailed to this user or distribution list.

  4. Choose Start time to choose a start time for your job. Save the start time and return to the first screen.
  5. Each of the start time options offers a Check function that lets you confirm your start specification. Several of the start time options also let you have your job repeated automatically.


    No job can start until it has been released, even if you specify an immediate start. If you have the required authorization, your job is automatically released when you schedule it. Otherwise, your system administrator will release your job.

  6. Choose Steps to specify the program to run in your background job. Save your program specification and return to the first screen.
  7. Save your job. When you see the Job saved message, your job has been accepted by the background processing system and is scheduled for background processing.
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