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In many SAP applications, long-running programs are automatically scheduled as background jobs. However, you can also schedule background jobs yourself.


To schedule a program for background processing:

  1. Start the job scheduling function.
  2. To start the standard job scheduling function, choose Administration ® CCMS ® Jobs ® Define job.

    To schedule ABAP programs, you can also use the ABAP job scheduling function. From the ABAP Editor, choose Program ® Execute ® Background.

    If you are scheduling an external command or external program as a background job, you must use standard job scheduling.

  3. This graphic is explained in the accompanying textUse the Job Wizard to define your job. In the application toolbar, choose the wizard icon: This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


The Job Wizard is available only from the standard job scheduling function.

The initial screen of the SAP Job Wizard appears:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

  1. Save the job. When you see the message Job saved, the job has been successfully scheduled.
  2. Note

    A job that has been scheduled must also be released. This restriction applies even if you specify an immediate start for your job.

    If you have the necessary authorization, your job is released automatically when you schedule it. Otherwise, your system administrator will release your job.

  3. Check the status of your job by choosing System ® Own jobs.

For more information on your jobs than is shown in the status screen, choose Job overview. See also Checking the Status of a Background Job.

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