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The table below shows how you can access the background processing system.

Point of Departure

To Schedule a Program


The ABAP Editor

You can start ABAP programs and reports either interactively or as background jobs.

Choose Program ® Background.

The system displays the ABAP job scheduling screen.

Elsewhere in the SAP System

You can schedule an ABAP program or external program as a background job.

Choose System ® Services ® Jobs ® Define job.

This is an alternative to job scheduling by way of the ABAP Editor.

The system displays the standard job scheduling screen.

You can schedule an internal (ABAP) or external program to run.

An SAP application

Often, long-running reports are scheduled automatically or semiautomatically for background processing.

Choose the appropriate report using the menu or a function key. The SAP application schedules the report as a background job.

Your program is scheduled to run in the background.

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