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Instead of entering the same values in selection criteria fields each time you execute a report, you can create a variant. Using variants reduces both data entry time and system processing time.


You must have the proper authorization to create a variant. For information on authorizations, see your system administrator.

A report can have any number of variants attached to it.


  1. From the menu bar, choose System ® Services ® Reporting.
  2. In the Program field, enter the name of the report that the variant will be attached to. If you do not know the name, see Finding the Name of a Report You Want to Execute.
  3. From the menu bar, choose Goto ® Variants.
  4. The ABAP Variants initial screen appears, as shown here:

    This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

  5. In the Variant field, enter a name for this variant, and choose Create. You can use any combination of characters to create the variant name except for special characters, such as the percent sign (%) or dollar sign ($).
  6. The selection criteria screen for the report appears.

  7. Enter values in the selection criteria input fields.
  8. For information on entering or changing values, see Entering Values for Selection Criteria.

  9. Choose Continue.
  10. The Save variant screen appears. The name you entered for the variant is displayed in the Variant field.

  11. In the Description field, enter a short description of the variant.
  12. Choose any of the following environment options by selecting the checkbox to the left of the option. Your choices will affect the variant as a whole.
  13. Only for background processing

    To print the list using background processing. You should always print large lists in the background.

    Protect variant

    To protect the entire variant. Only the person who created the variant can change or delete it.

    Only display in catalog

    To reduce the number of variants displayed when using possible entries help.

    System variant (automatic transport)

    To make the variant a system variant.

  14. Choose any of the following characteristics for the individual selection criteria by selecting the appropriate checkbox:
  1. Save the variant by choosing This graphic is explained in the accompanying text or pressing CTRL+S .

The variant is saved and its values appear on the selection criteria screen.

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