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You can display and print a report list by executing a report from within your task or from the System menu.

Most of the reports you need are available in your application, where you can choose them from the menus. The menu that contains the reports varies from application to application; however, many reports are available from the Environment menu. To choose a report in some applications, you may first need to enter a value, for example, a material number. Your application documentation describes which menus contain the reports, and provides instructions for choosing them.

You can find a complete list of report programs and report lists in the so-called report tree. To access the report tree from the SAP Easy Access standard menu, choose Information Systems ® General Report Selection. To display your report program and report list options, choose the application from which you want to execute the report or report list.

To execute a report, double-click the report name. The selection criteria screen appears. Enter your selection criteria, and choose Execute. See also Executing a Report.


To choose a report from the System menu, you must know the program name for the report. This applies only to the System menu. Using the System menu, you can execute reports:

For more information on report names, see Finding the Name of a Report You Want to Execute.

You can either print a list, or display a list and then print it. If you have large lists, you should print them using background processing.

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