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Fields you use to define the type and amount of information you want a report to process. Reports are generated using selection criteria. For example, a selection criterion for a report on vendors would be the vendor number. This means that you can select a single vendor number or a range of numbers.


You enter delimiting values in the selection criteria input fields. Only the data that matches these limits appears in the list. For example, to obtain data from customer accounts between 600 and 700 only, you enter those values in the input field for the Customer account selection criteria. If you do not enter any values for the Customer account selection criteria, the system uses data from all of the customer accounts when it executes the report.


You should aim for precision when specifying selection criteria. Your lists will be smaller, and the system will process them faster. Otherwise, the amount of data may be very large, and the system may not be able to process it all. In this case, a message indicating processing limitations appears in the status bar.

If you receive the error message No data exists after executing a report using a selection criterion, recheck the selection criteria input fields.

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