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You can search for a report name even when you do not know the exact name of a report.


  1. Choose System ® Services ® Reporting.
  2. The report selection screen appears.

  3. Choose Utilities ® Find Program. Or, choose the possible entries icon This graphic is explained in the accompanying text for Program, and select an entry from the dropdown list box.

The report search screen (ABAP Program Directory) appears:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

  1. In the Program field, enter any part of the report name that you know, plus any wildcards ( * or + ), as needed.




* and +

Characters you do not know


Multiple characters


Exactly one character

Use the * and + anywhere in the report name, as often as necessary. For example:


Represents all report names...


Starting with z


Containing the character string sale, such as rvsale07


Containing an f as the second-to-last character, such as rmlogifa


Starting with rp, ending in sch, and containing any three characters in between, such as rp012sch or rpinvsch

The report name can be upper- or lowercase; for example, RF is the same as rf.

  1. Choose Execute.

A list of reports appears.

  1. Place the cursor on the report name, and choose Choose. Or, double-click the report name.
  1. Choose Program ® Execute.

If the report does not require a variant, the selection criteria screen for the report appears.

If the report requires a variant, the system displays a message stating that you cannot select the report from this screen. Return to the report selection screen (choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text, or press F3 ), and then enter the report and variant name. Before leaving this screen, note the name of the report. (For more information, see Report Variants.)

  1. Enter the selection criteria.
  1. Choose Program ® Execute.

The system executes the report and displays the resulting data.

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