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When you are working in a task, you can use certain menus and functions to go to other screens within your task, as well as to screens in related tasks.

To find out which other screens and related tasks are available, check the Goto, Extras, and Environment menus in the menu bar. The contents of these menus change depending on the task you are doing.



In order to


Move among the different screens within your task

Often you do not need to complete every screen in your task, or you may want to return to a screen to make changes.


Access additional information and fields

Sometimes you need additional information to complete a screen. Or you may need to complete fields that are used less frequently.


Go to a related task

Often, when doing a task, you need to do a related task. The related task can be either in your current application or in another application. For example, suppose you are checking an invoice (Invoice Verification application) and you want to compare it to the purchase order (Purchasing application). From the Environment menu, you can display the purchase order, check the data on the purchase order, and then return to the invoice.



Depending on the application, you can often move from one screen to the next by choosing This graphic is explained in the accompanying text or by choosing Enter. If you have not filled out all required input fields, however, this will not work.

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