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Most of the tasks you perform in the SAP System involve data entry on a screen.

To enter data on a screen:

  1. Enter data in all of the appropriate input fields on the screen.
  2. For details about fields and data entry, see Fields.

  3. To have the system check the entries and proceed to the next screen in the task, choose Enter.
  4. The system checks your entries. If the system finds any errors, for example entries whose format is incorrect, it displays a message in the status bar and places the cursor in the field you need to correct.

    If the system does not find any errors, the next screen appears.

  5. If the system found errors, change the incorrect entries.
  6. If you need help determining valid entries for an input field, see Help on Possible Entries for a Field.

  7. When you are done making changes, choose Enter.

The system checks your entries again. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the system does not find any more errors and the next screen appears.

At this point, you can either save your data or cancel the task. For more information, see Saving the Data on a Screen and Canceling All the Data on a Screen.

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