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In the SAP System, a task consists of one or more screens on which you enter data. Some typical tasks might be creating customer master records, entering invoices, or creating sales documents.


To perform a task in the SAP System, you typically:

  1. Choose the task that you want to work on. (See Accessing Tasks in the SAP System.)
  1. Enter data on the initial screen of your task.

Each screen contains input fields in which you enter data. Some fields require entries, others do not. (See Entering Data on a Screen.)

  1. Go to the next screen.

When you go to the next screen, the SAP System temporarily stores the data you have just entered. (See Moving Through Tasks.)

  1. Enter data on the next screen of your task.

You can:

(See Moving Through Tasks.)

  1. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all the screens that make up your task are completed.
  1. Save your data for the entire task.

The system saves the data from all the screens you have completed. (See Saving the Data on a Screen.)

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