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When you work in the SAP System, you will sometimes encounter input fields containing a question mark (?). These are required input fields. An example is shown below:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


As of Release 4.6, required input fields are identified by a checkmark icon: This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


If the screen you are working in contains any required input fields, you must enter data in these input fields before you can proceed to the next screen or tab (if the screen is using tabs).


Generally, if a screen has no required input fields, you can go to the next screen or tab without entering data in any fields. Some screens, however, have required input fields that are not identified. This situation can occur when

When you choose OK to proceed to another screen, if you have not completed all the required input fields on a screen, the SAP System displays an error message in the status bar. At the same time, it places the cursor in the required input field so that you can make the necessary data entry.

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