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You can enter data in two modes:

Typically, you use the Overwrite mode to enter data, and the Insert mode to enter data between existing data (for example, if you left out a letter in the middle of a word).

In the standard system, the default entry mode is Insert. However, you can to switch to Overwrite at any time.

The status bar shows which mode you are currently in. It displays INS when you are in the Insert mode and OVR when you are in the Overwrite mode. For more information, see The Status Bar.


To switch entry modes, press INS (insert).

The current entry mode changes to the new entry mode.

The INS key is a toggle between the two modes, that is, the entry mode changes each time you press INS .

You can also toggle between modes by clicking the entry mode status field at the far right of the status bar.

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