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After you have logged on to the SAP System, you choose the task that you want to work on. You can switch to different tasks at any time.

Each function in the SAP System has a transaction code associated with it. A transaction code consists of letters, numbers, or both, for example, FB05 or SUSR. You enter transaction codes in the command field. For more information on the command field, see Release 4.6: The New SAP GUI.

By entering a transaction code instead of using the workplace menu, you can go to a task and start the function in a single step. Although using transaction codes efficiently requires some memorization of codes, it is also a quicker way to get around in the SAP System.

For example, entering transaction code FD01 takes you directly to the screen for creating a customer master record in Accounts Receivable.

You can use a transaction code to go to any task in any SAP application. For example, if you are working in the Accounts Receivable application, you can go to a task in the Accounts Payable application.


Before you can use a transaction code, you have to find the right transaction code for the task you want to start.

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