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You can change your password whenever you log on to the SAP System. For security reasons, however, your system administrator may require that you change your password at regular intervals, for example, every 30 days. In this case, you will receive a message from the SAP System when it is time to change your password.


You can only change your password from the logon screen.

To check the rules for creating a new password, see Passwords.

In the steps below, you are instructed to press the TAB key after you enter data in a field. In the standard system, when you press the TAB key, the cursor moves to the beginning of the next field. However, you do not have to press the TAB key if you enter the maximum number of characters possible in a field. For example, the maximum number of characters that you can enter in the Client field is three. If you enter 001 in the Client field, the cursor automatically moves to the beginning of the next field.

For more information about entering data, see Entering Data in Fields.


  1. Enter the following data in the respective fields on the logon screen:
    1. Client number
    2. User ID
    3. Your current password
    4. Language key, if you want to work in a language other than English

    For more details, see Logging On.

  2. In the application toolbar, choose New password.
  3. The new password dialog box appears, as shown here.

    This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

    If you do not see this dialog box, check the status bar for a system message. You may have entered an incorrect client number, password, user ID, or language key. If this is the case, repeat steps 1 through 5.

  4. In the New password field, enter a new password. (If you need help, see Passwords.)
  5. As you type the new password, the asterisks remain in the field and only the cursor moves. As a security measure, the system does not display what you type.

    Press the TAB key to move the cursor to the Repeat password field.

  6. In the Repeat password field, enter the new password again, exactly as you entered it the first time.
  7. Note

    Memorize your password. You cannot log on to the SAP System without it. If you forget your password, contact your system administrator.

  8. Choose Enter.
  9. In the standard SAP System, the Copyright dialog box appears.

    If a different dialog box appears, you have either made a mistake entering your new password, or it is not a valid password. The dialog box contains a message describing the mistake. In this case:

    1. Remove the dialog box by choosing Confirm.
    2. The new password dialog box reappears.

    3. Repeat steps 3 through 5. (If you need help creating a valid password, see Passwords.)
  10. In the Copyright dialog box, choose Continue.

The copyright notice disappears.

If there are systemwide messages, they appear. After you have read the messages, choose Continue in the dialog box to close it.


In the standard system, the SAP Easy Access initial screen appears.

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