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You can create a session and start a task in one step by using a transaction code. When you open a session with a transaction code, the system displays the initial screen of the task in a new session. To use this method, you must know which transaction code to use for the task you want to perform.

For more information, see Finding the Transaction Code for the Task You Want to Start.


To create a new session and a task simultaneously:

  1. In the command field, enter /o (the forward slash and the letter o) followed by the transaction code for the task you want to start.
  2. For example, to create a customer master record in the Accounts Receivable application, you use Transaction FD01. To open a session and start this task at the same time, you enter /ofd01 in the command field.

  3. Choose Enter.


The system opens an additional window for the new session and displays the initial screen of the transaction.

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