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You can create a session at any time. You do not lose any data in sessions that are already open.

You can create up to six sessions. Each session you create is as if you logged on to the system again. Each session is independent of the others. For example, closing the first session does not cause the other sessions to close.


Too many open sessions can result in slower system performance. For this reason, your system administrator may limit the number of sessions you can create to fewer than six.


To create a new session from anywhere in the system:


The system opens an additional window. The new session becomes the active session and remains the active session unless you click on a different (open or new) session.

Each session has a session number, which appears in that sessionís status bar. It appears in parentheses next to the system name.

This graphic shows the new session window on top of the original window. Note the session number in parentheses in the status bar.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

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