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If you are using the "classic" SAP graphical user interface (GUI) and you need information on customizing the SAP window, see the Online Help for SAP Releases up to and including 4.5B.


The layout menu contains customizing options for:

Using this menu, you can also:


You have installed the new SAP GUI for Release 4.6.


In the standard toolbar, choose the layout menu icon This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Layout Menu: Options

  1. Choose Options....
  2. On the General tab, you can:

By default, the Libraries option, which refers to SAP graphics system programs, is set to Keep loaded. This means that SAP graphics stay loaded in the main memory even if they are not used. If you encounter performance problems during graphics loading that is, if a graphic terminates before it has finished loading for the first time you can prevent this from happening again by changing the setting to Preload. To have graphics unloaded after use, choose Free after use.

If you get System busy messages with external programs that are triggered by OLE automation, SAP recommends that you set the number of seconds to a higher value.

  1. On the Cursor tab, you can set automatic tabbing, and define cursor position, width, and display in lists.
  2. For more information, see:

    Tabbing Between Fields Automatically

    Cursor Position and Width

  3. You use the Trace tab primarily when you are working with a hotline. On this tab, you can:
  1. Choose OK to confirm your choices, or Cancel to reset the options to the previous settings.

Layout Menu: Additional Customizing Items

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