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With the summarized JIT call you can transfer releases, which are relevant for delivery, from the production system to a vendor. The delivery to a summarized JIT call can take place using exact times and also several times a day. You have the possibility of grouping several material requirements to a JIT call. In addition, a JIT call can contain an unloading point for the materials.

You do not create JIT calls from requirements planning, but from production.

First, you generate schedule lines from requirements planning as a preview, which you transmit as a forecast delivery schedule or a JIT delivery schedule to the vendors and which is not relevant for delivery for the vendors.

As soon as you really need the material in production, generate a summarized JIT call, which is relevant for delivery, by setting a kanban to EMPTY or create a new item in an existing JIT call. You can trigger a summarized JIT call both via classic as well as event-driven KANBAN.


The grouping can take place both using exact days or times.


If you group according to delivery date you must simultaneously group according to plant or according to plant and unloading point). You can, however, group according to plant or plant and unloading point, without having to group according to delivery date.

To group kanbans, please read the sectionSummarizing kanbans to one JIT call.

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