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This section describes how to transmit a change notice relating to a purchase order that has already been sent to a vendor.

The function corresponds to the transmission of a purchase order via EDI.



You have already successfully transmitted the original purchase order to the vendor via EDI.

Message Control

You have created message condition records for your EDI vendors (Purchasing ® Master data ® Messages ® Purchase order ® Create).

Use the message type NEU to transmit PO change notices.

IDoc Interface

You have made the following settings for your EDI vendors in Customizing for Purchasing (Purchasing ® Messages ® Set up Partner Profile):

Parameters for Outbound Messages





EF ( Purchasing: purchase order)

Message category


IDoc type


Process code

ME 11 (ORDCHG: PO change notice)


If you wish to transmit PO conditions or texts to your vendor, you must create an IDoc view. For more information on this topic, see Sending a Purchase Order via EDI.


Change an existing purchase order via Purchasing ® Purchase order ® Change. Make the necessary changes and save the PO.

The new message is compared with the last successfully transmitted message. PO change notices indicate whether any new items have been added to the PO, and/or whether any already transmitted items have been changed.

When the message is transmitted, only those changes that are simultaneously new and print-relevant are included. The system sets the change indicator for the new message. To check the change indicator, choose Header ® Messages in the PO item overview.


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