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You can log the execution of queries with the InfoSet query. This enables you to determine which InfoSet query users have analyzed system data when, and with which selection criteria.


The log is activated and the query is started in the InfoSet query. This means you use one of the following functions in the InfoSet query:

The log is not used in other cases, that is, if you start the query as an executable program over a menu entry or by using the maintenance transaction for queries in the SAP Query.


The following information is logged when you execute an InfoSet query:


The output is not included in the log.

With the help of the Business Add-In Badi AQ_QUERY_PROT, you can attach your own log, where you can create a filter or another folder for the log.

You can find further information on logging and on the Badi in the Basis IMG under Basis Components ® SAP Query ® Logging.


You can delete log data you no longer require by choosing the relevant function in Customizing of the SAP Query or via the maintenance transaction for InfoSets of the SAP Query (see Deleting Log Data)




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