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This procedure describes how to create both single and multi-level packing instructions. Multi-level packing instructions can be created in one procedure. You create the subordinate packing instructions directly from the main packing instruction by entering the name and item type of the subordinate packing instruction and branching straight to the initial screen for creation.

It is therefore not necessary to create a subordinate packing instruction beforehand.


  1. Select Logistics ® Production ® Master data ® Packing instructions.
  2. The system displays the screen Master Data for Packing With Packing Instructions.

  3. Select Packing instructions ® Create packing instruction.
  4. You branch to the Components tab page on the Create Packing Instruction screen.

  5. Enter the name of the packing instruction you want to create and choose Enter.
  6. The Create Packing Instruction: Components screen appears.

  7. Enter the items for your packing instruction.
  8. An item can be a packaging material, an item of packed goods, a subordinate packing instruction, a reference material or a text item. You can enter all the components of the HU in this way. Please note that:

- The items should be entered in the following order: load carrier, auxiliary packing material, packed goods/subordinate packing instruction. The first item is always the load carrier. Text items do not affect the hierarchy and can be entered anywhere below the load carrier.


For reference materials, you can set the indicator Mmix (Material Mix) in order to allow that different materials which have the same reference material can be packed in one HU.

- If required, enter a minimum quantity and a rounding quantity.

An appropriate indicator is assigned to the load carrier.


For a subordinate packing instruction, enter the item category and the name of the packing instruction and choose Enter. The system asks if you want to create this packing instruction.

By choosing Yes, you branch to the initial screen for creating packing instructions, in which you can create your subordinate packing instruction in the same way.

After saving your data you branch back to the main packing instruction.

  1. Now enter the Administrative data, Measurements, Short texts and Uses.

    - Enter an inspection profile on the Administrative data tab page. In the check profile, you specify whether a handling unit can be created under specific circumstances or not. The system checks the check profile when creating the HU proposal.

    - If necessary, the measurements specified in the packing instruction can be changed for this particular HU in the Measurements tab page.

    - On the tab page Uses, the system displays the packing instructions (main packing instructions), in which the packing instruction in question is used as a subordinate packing instruction. This is the case if you are creating the packing instruction from a higher-level packing instruction, as subordinate to it.
  2. Save.

NotePacking instructions can only be saved if they have no errors that prevent handling unit creation. The system checks that a handling unit can actually be created from the packing instruction. For example, if the maximum loading weight is exceeded, a handling unit cannot be created.


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