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You have created a conversion proposal.


You can create a file from the conversion proposal in the relevant target structure for a data transfer program, BAPI, or function module.

You can then use this to test the data transfer. You can check whether the defined field assignments in the conversion proposal are sufficient.

If errors occur during the data transfer test, you can change the conversion proposal or adjust the file directly in the editor.

Provided that you were able to transfer the data with test data correctly, you can use these field assignments or conversion rules to manually create the set of rules in the LSMW.

The conversion proposal cannot be automatically transferred to the LSMW as a set of rules because the assignments in the LSMW are based on source structures/source fields (specification by the source system) whereas the conversion proposal is based on data that is entered manually.


In the tools in the Data Transfer Workbench, you can create a file with test data from a conversion proposal. This file contains the data from the corresponding recording.


  1. In the Data Transfer Workbench, choose Goto ® DX Tools. The Data Transfer - Tools screen appears.
  2. Choose a program type and program/method for an object type and the corresponding task type.
  3. In the File type field, choose a physical or logical file type.
  4. Enter the name of your data transfer file in the File name field.
  5. Create a file with test data from a conversion proposal. In the menu, choose File -> Create from assistant.
  6. A list of the conversion proposals created for the chosen business object is displayed. Choose a conversion proposal and create the file by choosing the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text
(Continue) pushbutton.


You have created a file with test data. You can now use this to test a data transfer.





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