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In this EDI scenario, you receive and process:

In general, a quality certificate is referenced to a delivery, inspection lot, or batch. Therefore, the transfer of the quality data on the certificate is not necessarily linked to a purchase order or delivery. Results of inspections that, from the recipient's point of view, were made externally, can also be sent to the recipient system for further processing.

When transferring the quality data of a certificate with reference to a delivery or purchase order to the customer system, the data can be automatically uploaded to an inspection lot for a goods receipt (triggered by the goods receipt). Alternatively, you can use the functions for a Structure link certificate receipt, to transfer data to any other desired inspection lot. Using the latter function, you can transfer the quality data prior to a good receipt to a source inspection lot and valuate the goods already at an early stage.

When transferring the quality data of a certificate with reference to an inspection lot or a batch to the customer system, the data can be automatically uploaded from the IDoc to any desired inspection lot using SAP Business Workflow. For more information, see workflow documentation Structure link Transfer Data from IDoc to Inspection Lot.

The check of the digital signature ensures that the incoming certificate corresponds to the sent document. Then, the received certificate is stored via SAP ArchiveLink.


Application: General




Checking the digital signature

The SSF-ID is created in the master data for the creditor under Other communication.

The public key for the creditor is stored in your external security product under the SSF-ID.


Identification and clear assignment of the quality data between the sender and the recipient system (characteristic mapping)

In the Partner-Related Settings for Quality Data Exchange, the characteristic mapping table is filled. For more information, see Structure link Mapping Characteristics for the Transfer of Quality Data.

Characteristic mapping is necessary, if the characteristic descriptions are different in the sender and the recipient system.

Transfer of the quality data on the certificate

The SAP Business Workflow component is active.



In the task list or material specification, you define that the results data origin is uploaded from the certificate.

For more information, see the workflow documentation Structure link Transfer Data From IDoc to Inspection Lot.


For more information about upload of quality data, when using a material specification, see Structure link Values for the Master Inspection Characteristic; and when using a task list, see Structure link Functions in the Characteristic Overview.

Application: Certificate for a Delivery




Processing the inbound quality certificate for a delivery (PDF file)

The delivery material, for which the quality certificate is sent, requires a certificate.

The document data (material number, purchase order item, batch) allows the unique assignment to the purchase order.

If no purchase order item could be assigned to the document data or the delivery material does not require a certificate, the incoming certificate is stored centrally and forwarded to the responsible party by SAP Business Workflow.

If the purchase order item is not given in the IDoc, you can assign the item using the customer enhancement QCE10001.

Uploading the quality data of a certificate to an inspection lot for a goods receipt

On the Quality Info Record: Procurement screen in Insp. control, an entry for electronic certificate with access to data or electronic certificate (without PDF) with access to data is set.


IDoc Interface

The following values are maintained in the partner profiles (inbound):



Message type


Partner type



Logical system of the vendor

Recipient port


Basic type


Process code



The following graphic illustrates the scenario for an incoming electronic certificate for a delivery with data transfer:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

When an electronic certificate is received that is not related to a purchase order (e.g. a certificate for an inspection lot or batch), a workflow is started that allows data transfer to any desired inspection lot.





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