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Report that compares two cost estimates for materials on the basis of the itemizations.


You can use this report to compare two itemizations. The report compares the characteristics item number, item category, cost element, resource, material, cost center, plant/work center, cost center/activity type, operation number, BOM item, assembly indicator, and cost component.

You can access this report as follows:



If you access this report through the applications Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure or Cost Estimate Without Quantity Structure, enter the necessary data for the cost estimates to be compared and choose Execute. You can also enter other selection criteria in the same screen. This report is generated automatically.

SAP supplies a number of standard layouts for displaying by item category, by cost component/cost element, by operation, by costing item, and several others. You can also modify the displayed information to suit your particular requirements. For example, you can set filters, display subtotals, sort, display additional information, and save these settings as a new layout.


When you access the report through the information system, you can choose a layout before actually calling up the report. You can also change this directly in the report at any time.

Depending on whether you access the report through the application or through the information system, different settings are available in the selection screen and in the report itself. For example, you can make the following settings in the selection screen of both reports:


You can use Goto to access the detail screen of the cost estimate and to access the material master.

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