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You create a transfer order (TO) for several outbound deliveries in order to optimize the picking processes within the warehouse, or if you want to collectively process several outbound deliveries of the same material in the Warehouse Management system (WMS), each with only one or only a few outbound delivery items.


There are several different outbound deliveries for which you want to create a TO for multiple deliveries.


The system supports the same functions for a transfer order for multiple deliveries as for the conventional transfer order.


You create a TO for multiple deliveries

You select the outbound deliveries using this function module and then directly create a TO for multiple outbound deliveries for the selected outbound deliveries.

For more information on creating a group, see Creating a Group.

After you have created a transfer order for multiple deliveries, you can split it into smaller transfer orders according to certain criteria (for example volume, weight or TO items), so that several pickers can process these smaller transfer orders. To do this, use user exit MWMTO012.


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