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You can use this function to change the accounting indicator that is specified, for example, in a completion confirmation.

Instead of canceling the completion confirmation, you can change the accounting indicator for the CO individual document that the system has created for the completion confirmation. The system posts the CO individual document with the new accounting indicator.


You can also change the accounting indicator in resource-related billing in the Structure link expenditure view. This function is not identical to reposting the accounting indicator. If you change the accounting indicator in the overview screen, the change only applies to the overview screen and not to the billing request. It does not affect the CO individual document.


You can use this function for a different scenarios. The process flow is described using an example scenario and is also valid for the other objects for which you can perform resource-related billing.


Quotation for Service Management, without service product, billing form Resource-related

  1. Choose Logistics ® Customer service ® Service processing ® Completion ® Create billing request ® Repost accounting indicator.
  2. The initial screen for reposting the accounting indicator is displayed.

  3. Enter the necessary data and choose Program ® Execute.
  4. A list of dynamic items is displayed.

  5. Change the accounting indicator of the appropriate dynamic item.
  6. Save the changes.
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