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When you receive an IDoc in the SAP system from the external system, the following errors can occur in the Warehouse Management system (WMS):


Logical IDoc errors do not occur during outbound IDoc processing from the SAP system, because the missing or incorrect Customizing settings in the WMS cause an error before this can occur.

The system flags the incorrect IDocs with status 51.

Missing or Incorrect Customizing Settings


The SAP system cannot process the received IDoc further if:


In the IDoc, you transfer a stock movement from the external system with a movement type that the SAP system does not recognize.


The stock movement reported by the external system is defined for immediate confirmation. However, the movement type in the WMS does not allow immediate confirmation for this stock movement.


  1. You correct the relevant Customizing settings.
  2. You subsequently post the incorrect IDoc

Either from the inbox of the assigned user

Or via report RBDMANIN, which you schedule periodically in background processing.

Missing or Incorrect IDoc Data

If the data in the received IDoc is incomplete, you must decide whether the incorrect IDoc should be transmitted again or whether it is possible or appropriate to carry out corrections in the SAP system:


Only correct the IDoc using the IDoc editor in exceptional cases.


You subsequently post the incorrect IDoc

Error Due to Blocked Objects

If blocking problems occur in the SAP system, IDoc processing leads to an error.


If there are concurrent attempts (by different users) to access the same SAP object, the system terminates processing, with an error note for the blocked object.


You do not need to intervene manually. Schedule report RBDMANIN for periodical background processing.

Using the parameter error status, you can define in the report that IDocs with the error message for a blocking error should be automatically subsequently posted.

Important Error Notes in Inbox

For the errors listed above, the system creates a workflow work item in the inbox of the person responsible. For more information, see Structure linkRule Resolution in Exception Handling.

Workflow work items are also suitable for important notes,

These workflow work items

The external system transmits the messages via message type WMINFO.


The external system triggers an internal message if a transfer order or a storage unit can no longer be confirmed because confirmation has already taken place. Someone has to be informed of this situation since this confirmation can usually only be carried out by the external system.

You do not process workflow work items for notes from the inbox as you do for errors, but rather complete the workflow work item.



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