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TCP/IP Errors

The basis for IDoc transfer between the systems is TCP/IP. If an error occurs during the transfer, the connection between the sending system and the receiving system is interrupted.

Based on return codes in the RFC function used, you can see in the sending system whether an RFC call has worked. If there are TCP/IP errors, break the connection and send the IDoc again.

Technical Errors

Errors which occur in the ALE service layer on sending or receiving IDocs are technical errors.

If a technical error occurs, the SAP WMS sends a workflow work item for each IDoc containing errors. This is an error message, which the system sends to all users responsible. Based on the error message, the user can analyze the error and post the document subsequently. For more information, see Processing Technical IDoc Errors.

Logical Errors

The system saves a received IDoc in the database before the IDoc has actually been processed. The system breaks off communication with the external system before the transferred data is then processed.

If an error occurs in the application system (the Warehouse Management system) during processing of an IDoc, then it is a logical error. In this case, the SAP WMS creates a workflow work item for every IDoc containing errors.

For more information, see Processing Logical IDoc Errors in the WMS.

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