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If an error occurs during processing of an IDoc in the Warehouse Management system (WMS), the system sends an error message to the assigned user.


For more information on the prerequisites, see Structure linkRule Resolution in Exception Handling.


To assign error messages to the corresponding user, assign a standard task for each message type in a position. One or more users are assigned to the position.

For more information, see Interfaces ® External systems ® Configure Warehouse Management ® Error Handing ® Org.units and standard tasks in the implementation guide (IMG) for Warehouse Mangement.

There are three options:

In this case, the messages go to all of the users who are assigned to the organizational unit and who have the standard task in question assigned to their position.


We recommend entering the organizational unit overall in the partner profile.

If, however, you connect two external systems to the WMS and want to assign different users to each system, you should separate the error messages through different partner positions.

Assigning Error Messages

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


It is not enough to enter user names directly into the partner definition or the partner profile because the system cannot assign the standard tasks in this case.


  1. You define an organizational unit. You can assign the organizational unit to several different positions.
  2. You define a position.
  3. You assign the users to the position.
  4. You assign the users a standard task.

Standard Tasks



IDoc processing (technical errors)

Outbound, Error message with IDoc


Inbound, Error message with IDoc


Outbound, syntax error in IDoc


Inbound, syntax error in IDoc

Application errors (logical errors)

Error, TO cancellation


Error, inventory count data


Error, TO confirmation


Error, goods movement


Error, transfer orders


Error, moving storage unit


Error, blocking storage bins


Error, user-defined message


Error, transfer requirement


Error, Pick HU creation





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