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Your Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP System) is an SAP R/3 System, to which you connect an external system that that takes on all warehouse controlling and warehouse management functions for the entire warehouse.

The reasons for connecting an external system to an SAP R/3 System as a complete warehouse management system include:

Connection via the interface to the decentralized WMS

For more information, see Structure linkDecentralized Warehouse Management.

Connection via lean WM

You use Structure linklean WM to communicate between the external warehouse management system and the SAP ERP System.

You set up the interface between the WMS and the external system in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Interfaces ® External Systems ® Configure Warehouse Management.

You define the warehouse managed by the external system as a storage type in the WMS.


The storage bins that you created in the WMS for the individual materials have no significance for the external system.

Connection via component interfaces

The external warehouse management system communicates with the SAP ERP System via several component interfaces:

Transmission of goods movements occurs via the message type MBGMCR.

For more information, see Inventory Management and Physical Inventory ® Maintain Customer Exits and Business Add-Ins ® Maintain Customer Exits for Inventory Management (for MB_CF001) and Maintain Business Add-Ins for Inventory Management (for BAdI MB_DOCUMENT_BADI) in the Implementation Guide for Materials Management.

In Production Planning, there is a user exit for production orders. You can find this user exit via transaction /nCMOD for package CO.

For more information, see Structure linkElectronic Data Interchange/Idoc Interface (SD-EDI).



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