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You can connect various external systems to the Warehouse Management system (WMS) via the interface between the WMS and external systems (WMS-WCU interface). The following scenarios give you an overview of typical ways in which this interface can be used.

External systems include on the one hand WMS-dependent warehouse systems such as warehouse control units (WCUs) or fork lift control systems, and on the other hand systems, which only help themselves from the warehouse, for example production control stations.


The WMS-WCU interface supports the following communication processes between the systems:

The WMS generally takes on all of the warehouse management tasks. However, warehouse control and execution of transportation orders are not part of the SAP WMSís tasks.

For this reason, the external systems are always independent of the SAP system, and they can take over not only the control of the material flow, but also other tasks such as optimizing warehouse movements or additional control mechanisms.

The distribution of tasks between the WMS and the connected systems is in the foreground of the scenarios. The flexibility of the WMS-WCU interface allows you to make user-defined adjustments and enhancements. For further information, see Modification Concepts: IDoc Inbound Processing and Modification Concepts: IDoc Outbound Processing.


You distribute tasks between the WMS and the external system on an individual customer basis.



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