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The Warehouse Management system (WMS) has an interface (WMS-WCU interface) with which you can connect

to the Warehouse Management system.


The interface allows communication between the connected systems on the basis of the so-called transactional Remote Function Call (tRFC).

Unlike the synchronous Remote Function Call (sRFC), the system saves the data in temporary storage before sending it to the connected system. This leads to the decoupling of application and communication.


Interface between the WMS and external systems (WMS-WCU interface)

On the basis of the WMS-WCU interface, you connect automated warehouse systems such as warehouse control units (WCU), fork lift control systems, or carousels to the Warehouse Management system (WMS).

For more information see Scenarios for Connecting External Systems and Description of the IDocs.

Mobile data entry (LE-MOB) and the SAP console

Using this interface, you can enter data decentrally, for example via barcode readers or character-based radio frequency devices, and transfer the data to the database of your SAP system.

For more information, see Structure linkMobile Data Entry.

Decentralized Warehouse Management system

You can interface the Warehouse Management system as a stand-alone component with the SAP system or integrate the Warehouse Management system with any Enterprise Resource Planning system. This means that the ERP system and the Warehouse Management system can run on separate machines. For more information, see Structure linkDecentralized Warehouse Management.

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