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Mobile Data Entry supports two different sorting possibilities for system-guided transfer order processing:


       1.      Sorting without defining a user exit

       2.      Sorting by different sort criteria with the help of a user exit


Both options can be used in the following transactions, but we strongly recommend that you implement the user exit only in the interleaving transactions. In the other system-guided transactions, the sorting defined in the user exit is not reflected properly in the RF monitor.

        System-guided putaway: LM04 (Report: RLMOB005)

        System-guided picking: LM07 (RLMOB008)

        System-guided pick and pack: LM45 (RLMOB045)

        Posting change: LM11 (RLMOB010)

        System-guided interleaving: LM57 (RLMOB005, RLMOB008)

        Interleaving by storage unit: LM56 (RLMOB001, RLMOB008)


Sorting Without a User Exit

In the system-guided RF transactions, if you do not define a user exit, the system selects your transfer orders by priority and then by creation date and time (the same method of sorting as that of the RF monitor)

Sorting with the Help of a User Exit

Use user exit function EXIT_SAPLLMOB_061.

        If you use this function for interleaving, the following parameters will be imported:

        Last storage bin



To use the user exit, use the enhancement name MWMRFSSG.


As an additional selection criterion, you want the system to select a transfer order for picking with a source storage bin close to the destination storage bin of the preceding transfer order for putaway.


If you do not define your own user exit in this function, the system selects the transfer order for picking only according to the queue assignment and the standard sorting mentioned above.

        If you use this function for any other system-guided transaction, only the parameter for the activity will be imported.

The function returns the transfer order number.


If you use the user exit to change the sorting, the sorting will not correspond to the sorting in the RF monitor.

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