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Mobile Data Entry supports the following four types of verification:

        Storage bin

        Storage unit number



To be able to verify other fields, the system also provides a general verification entry. You can use this verification to meet individual requirements, such as verification of batches.



       1.      Create a new screen.

       2.      In the screen painter, enter the program SAPLLMOB and one of the dummy screen numbers 1xxx.

       3.      Enter the module DATA_FROM_EXIT0xxx on the Flow Logic tab of the dummy screen, open the customer function, and access the Include.

       4.      Fill in the internal table O_VERIFICATION_ERRORS with up to four verification fields. You can define up to four fields on the screen that you can program according to your specific requirements.


If an error is found in the verification checks, the system requires the user to update this internal table with the field names. The error message Error in field verification (which the user updated in the internal table) appears.



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