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Quantity of a material which is held in stock for the completion of a project. The project stock is allocated to a work breakdown structure (WBS) element. Components can only be withdrawn for the WBS element.

You can manage valuated or non-valuated project stock.

If the project stock is not valuated, it is managed via a cost collector. The system does not carry out invoice verification postings for goods movements, and you cannot obtain an overview of how the stock is valuated until the end of the settlement period in Controlling.

If the project stock is valuated, you have immediate access to its value in Financial Accounting. The assigned accounts are debited and credited as a result of the valuated goods movements.

Project stock is available for the project from an MRP point of view.


Creating Valuated Project Stock

If you want to work with valuated project stock, in the Accounting view of the material master record you can define your own valuation classes and thereby create your own stock accounts under Project stock valuation class.

Displaying Valuated Project Stock

You can display the valuated project stock. Choose Environment ® Stock ® Valuated special stock.

Possible Movements

The following movement types are defined for valuated and non-valuated project stock (in each case they can be reversed or canceled):

Refer to Subcontracting for Sales Order Stock and Project Stock

Entering Goods Movements

When you enter a goods movement for project stock, you should consider the following:

Goods movements for project stock are entered as follows:

Enter the relevant movement type with the special stock indicator Q and the WBS element.

Enter movement type 411 and the special stock indicator Q.

Enter a goods receipt for a purchase order or for an order as normal using the movement type 101. If an item is assigned to a project (account assignment category Q), the system automatically sets the special stock indicator at goods receipt.



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