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Third-party items in a sales order can be entered manually or be created automatically by the system. For example, if a material can only be procured externally, you can specify in the material master record that it is always processed as a third-party item when a sales order is processed.

Please refer to the SD - Sales Guide for detailed information on how to enter third-party items in a sales order.

Resulting Activities in Purchasing

The following activities result from the creation of a sales order with third-party items:

If a third-party item from the sales order calls for more than one delivery schedule, the system creates a purchase requisition item for each individual quantity.

The delivery time required by the vendor and the processing time in Purchasing are taken into account.

The person who created the sales order can directly access the purchase requisition in order to assign the correct vendor in automatic source determination.

Changes to the Sales Order

The quantity and delivery date for a third-party item can be changed later in the sales order. The changes are then made automatically to the purchase requisition if the release status of the purchase requisition allows changes still to be made.



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