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The process for stock transport orders with SD delivery and billing document includes the following steps:

  1. Creating a Purchase Order
  2. In the receiving plant, you create a standard purchase order for the vendor to which the issuing plant is assigned. To do this, choose Purchase order ® Create ® Vendor known. As a result of the vendor entered, the system recognizes that the purchase order is in fact a stock transport order with delivery and billing.

  3. Creating Delivery and Billing Document
  4. The issuing plant enters a delivery for the stock transport order and a billing document. This is an intercompany billing document (billing type IV). Pricing takes place as normal.

    This intercompany billing document can be posted as an invoice for a purchase order via EDI using Idoc. It is then posted in Financial Accounting as a receivable in the supplying company code.

    When the material leaves the plant, the issuing plant posts a goods issue for the delivery, resulting in a reduction in stock in the issuing plant. The total stock remains the same in the receiving plant. Unlike a stock transport order without billing, no posting is made to the stock in transit. You can see from the purchase order history that the material is "on the road". The posted quantity is displayed in the stock overview of the receiving plant as Stock in transit CC.

  5. Posting Goods Receipt
  6. When the goods arrive, the receiving plant posts a goods receipt for the purchase order. The unrestricted-use stock increases and an accounting document is created.

  7. Posting Invoice Receipt

The invoice is checked with reference to the purchase order.


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