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In Purchasing, you can request and monitor a stock transfer with a:


When a stock transfer involves two company codes and the issuing of a bill, you do not create a stock transport order but a standard purchase order
(see also
Cross-Company Stock Transfer).


Creating a Stock Transfer Order

From the Purchasing menu, choose Purchase Order ® Create ® Vendor/Supplying Plant Known. Choose order type Stock transfer order. The item category must be U (stock transfer).

Maintain the data for all items as required and save the stock transfer order. In Materials Planning, the stock transport order is taken into account for both the receiving and the issuing plant.


If the material is not valuated in the receiving plant, it is not possible to enter an account assignment. Therefore, the material can only be ordered for the warehouse.

Creating a Purchase Requisition for a Stock Transfer

You can request a stock transfer in a purchase requisition. From the Purchasing menu, select Requisition ® Create. Maintain data as required. A stock transfer order is created from the saved stock transfer requisition once it has been released.

Creating a Stock Transport Scheduling Agreement

When you create a stock transport scheduling agreement, you can schedule the exact delivery dates for a stock transfer. From the Purchasing menu, select Outline Agreement ® Scheduling Agreement ® Create ® Stock Transport Scheduling Agreement. Maintain data as required. The agreement type LU is defined in the standard system. The item category must be U. Enter the runtime end: Save the scheduling agreement.

Enter the delivery schedule for the scheduling agreement by choosing Outline Agreement ® Scheduling Agreement ® Delivery Schedule ® Maintain.



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