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Material provided to vendor can either be for unrestricted use or in quality inspection. Withdrawals can, however, only be posted from unrestricted-use stock of material provided to vendor.

  1. Select Goods movement ® Transfer posting.
  2. The initial screen appears.

  3. Enter the plant and storage location. Choose the movement type as follows:
    1. For a transfer posting from stock in quality inspection to unrestricted-use stock:
      Movement type ® Transfer posting ® Stck w. subcontract.
      ® SC qual. to SC unr.
    2. For a transfer posting from unrestricted-use stock to stock in quality inspection:
      Movement type ® Reverse tfr. posting ® Stck w. subcontract.
      ® SC qual. to SC unr.
  4. Choose Continue.
  5. The collective entry screen appears.

  6. Enter the following data:
    1. Vendor
    2. Material
    3. Quantity
  7. Post the document.

The material provided to vendor is now managed in the stock type posted to.


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