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To enter several delivery dates for a subcontract order item, proceed as follows:

  1. Display the scheduling screen for the item.
  2. Enter the quantities and dates.
  3. If the ordered material has a bill of material, the components are copied from the bill of material.
  4. If you do not use bills of material, you must either enter the components manually or refer to an existing purchase requisition. You have to enter the components for every delivery schedule.
  5. Position the cursor on a schedule line and choose Item ® Component ® Overview to display the screen for processing components. You can enter or change the individual components in the same way as an order item.

    To make entering the schedule lines easier, copy the components for other delivery schedule items. To do this, select Edit ® Repeat components ® Activate.

    When you enter the next delivery schedule for the material, the components will be copied from the selected delivery schedule. The quantity and the date required are redetermined.

  6. Save the delivery schedule.
  7. When you print the scheduling agreement, the quantity required per component and date required are reprinted.


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