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To create a subcontract order, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the material you want to order and the item category for subcontracting (L) in the order item.
  2. Press Enter to display the screen for component processing.

  3. Enter the components that the vendor requires to manufacture the ordered material (end product). Note the following:
    1. You do not need to enter the date required for the components. This date is proposed by the system when you press Enter. It is calculated as follows:
        • Delivery date of the item minus planned delivery time
    2. If you do not want the quantity of the components to be changed if the order quantity of the end product is altered, set the indicator Fixed quantity.
    3. If you want to assign a particular batch of the component to the vendor for the manufacture of the ordered material, enter the desired batch.
    4. You can determine whether the components are available on the date required by selecting Component List ® Component Availability.
  4. If you entered a bill of material as the material in the subcontract order, the components are created automatically.
  5. If you want to determine the components in the bill of material at a later date (for example, if the bill of material is subsequently changed), choose Item ® Goto ® Components ® New BOM explosion. The existing components are deleted and redetermined in the bill of material.

  6. Save the purchase order.

When you print the purchase order, the components are printed per order item.




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