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This section explains to what extent the physical inventory of consignment material differs from a standard physical inventory. You start from the physical inventory menu.
For detailed information on physical inventory, please see MM Inventory Management.

You take a physical inventory by:

Creating a Physical Inventory Document

This section explains how to create a physical inventory document. The inventory document is used as a work sheet for the warehouse count and as a basis for further physical inventory transactions.

  1. From the Physical Inventory menu, choose Phys. inventory document ® Create. The initial screen appears.
  2. Fill out the initial screen. Enter k in the Special stock field.
  3. Press ENTER. The item overview is displayed.
  4. Enter the vendor and all the materials that are to be counted. If you want to include the quality inspection stock or blocked stock of a material, enter a new item for the material number and enter the relevant stock type in the field STy (Stock type).
  5. You can enter materials for another vendor by choosing Edit ® New items. On the screen for entering new items overwrite the entry in the field Vendor.

  6. Post the document.

Entering the Physical Inventory Count

This section explains how to enter the results of the warehouse inventory count into the R/3 System.

  1. From the physical inventory menu, choose Inventory count ® Enter. On the initial screen enter the physical inventory document number.
  2. Press ENTER and enter the counted quantity for each item on the next screen.
  3. Post the document.

Posting Inventory Differences

After entering the count, you must post the differences between the stock in the R/3 System and the counted stock. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Difference ® Post.
  2. Enter the document number and press ENTER. The difference quantity is displayed.
  3. Post the document.




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