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Externally-owned special stocks belonging to a vendor or customer that are stored at your company.

In the R/3 System the following types of externally-owned special stocks are available:

Since these special stocks are located at your company, they are managed at storage location level.

These special stocks can be allocated to three different stock types:

All stock types can be inventoried.


Vendor Consignment

This type of stock comprises consignment material belonging to the vendor that is stored on your premises.

Consignment stocks from the vendor are available for MRP.

Goods Movements for consignment stocks from the vendor are described in the section Consignment.

Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP)

Multi-trip packaging medium (such as pallets or containers) in which goods can be transported between vendors and customers. It is the property of the vendor and is therefore not included in the customerís valuated stock.

Goods Movements for returnable transport packaging are described in Returnable Transport Packaging.

Sales Order Stock

Stock that is used for a sales order. It is directly allocated to a sales order. Components can only be used to produce material ordered by the customer and the finished product can only be delivered to the customer via the sales order.

Sales order stock is explained in Sales Order Stock.

Project Stock

Quantity of a material which is held in stock for the completion of a project. The project stock is allocated to a work breakdown structure (WBS) element. Components can only be withdrawn for the WBS element.

Project stock is explained in Project Stock.


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