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In standard procurement, a customer buys a material from an external vendor and the material is delivered to the customer. Upon delivery, the goods ordered belong to the customer's company.

In special procurement, the goods are not necessarily delivered from the vendor to the customer. In third-party processing, for example, the ordered material is delivered directly from the vendor to a customer of the customer. In stock transfer processing a material is procured internally and transported from a storage location to the location where it is required.

The following special procurement types exist in the R/3 System:


When buying goods on consignment, the ordered goods still belong to the vendor, even after delivery. The goods only become the property of the company supplied when they are consumed. The quantity consumed/withdrawn is settled with the vendor periodically, for example on a monthly basis.


In subcontracting, the vendor (the subcontractor) receives components from which it produces a product. The product is then ordered by your company through a purchase order. The components required by the vendor to manufacture the ordered product are listed in the purchase order and provided to the subcontractor. The components can be determined by the system via a bill of material.

Stock Transfer Using Stock Transport Order

In stock transfer processing, goods are procured and supplied within a company. One plant orders the goods internally from another plant (receiving plant/issuing plant).

The goods are procured with a special type of purchase order - the stock transport order. You can request and monitor the transfer of goods with a stock transport order. The delivery can be processed in Inventory Management or in the Shipping component (LE-SHP).

Third-Party Processing

In third-party processing, a company passes on a sales order to an external vendor who sends the goods directly to the customer. The sales order is not processed by your company, but by the vendor. Third-party items can be entered in purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and sales orders.

Third-party processing is integrated with the Sales and Distribution (SD) component. If the sales order contains third-party items, the system creates a purchase requisition from the order.

Returnable Transport Packaging

The company orders goods from a vendor. The goods are delivered with returnable transport packaging (pallets, containers) that belongs to the vendor and is stored on the customer premises until they return it to the company.

Pipeline Handling

In pipeline handling, the company does not need to order or store the material concerned. It is ready available as and when required via a pipeline (for example, oil or water), or some other type of cable (for example, electricity). Consumption of the material is settled with the vendor on a regular basis.




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