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During the physical inventory analysis

Process Flow

1. Entering the count results in the system

After the count has been taken, you must enter the results of the count into the system. You enter the counted stocks for every item of a physical inventory document.

If non-SAP programs are used to carry out the inventory count, you can import the count data into SAP R/3 using the following functions:

2. Initiating a recount

You can trigger recounts for individual items in a physical inventory document. This is recommended if you suspect that an error was made during counting. When you initiate a recount, a new physical inventory document is created.

3. Posting inventory differences

If the physical inventory is different from the book inventory, you must correct the book inventory balance by posting the differences. This step ends the physical inventory.


When you post the physical inventory difference, the system creates a material document that records the adjusted stock balances and an accounting document that contains the necessary account activities.

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